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So, what are we doing here? I guess we are here to discover what a husband, housework and cleaning are doing in the same sentence? Maybe? I do know it isn’t all that uncommon really but I’ve certainly had my share of raised eyebrows and even a few chuckles when I answer this question:

“What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a househusband. I do the housework and take care of the four kids and good portion of the cooking.”

I am a househusband and have been since 2004 (last half of ’03 sort of but we got married in ’04). At first and for a few years I hated doing housework, absolutely detested it. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming. It all sucked.

Well as the years wore on I started noticing that it wasn’t so bad (most of the time) really. I even found that I’d gathered a few ways to get some things done faster or easier. Not that I became some kind of guru or something but you get my drift.

Not long ago I started a blog, an off the wall blog, but after a few posts I got some very negative feedback. While it is very much impossible to offend me this feedback did prompt me to erase these posts and reevaluate my idea. On to my next idea.

My father was diagnosed with Colon Cancer the end of 2015 or early 2016 but due to a bad heart and lungs that’s about where it stood. We couldn’t get any stage information, nothing. Fast forward to mid October 2017 a cancerous mass is found in his esophagus. His heart has gotten much worse… Basically he has become terminal.

So my new idea. A blog about how a son deals day-to-day with the emotions of knowing that his father is dying… thinking… thinking… No. I sat on the post screen two hours and not word came out.

And there it was! Something I knew, housework! I clean, cook (not the greatest but I can), laundry and dishes (is that in cleaning or separate?). I can do that for my blog. I’m sure I can do something with it.

I’ve used a ton of different products and came up with a few different ways of doing things both cleaning wise and some cooking things also. So I think maybe somebody might find something useful here. And you all are more than welcome to comment if you have something to add also.

And now, a little of the… about me thingamabobs 🙂

  1. My name is Steven but online I prefer Mystic (my usernames/email addresses have always contained Mystic since ’99 in some fashion)
  2. I shave my head because I’ve been losing my hair on the top front for years and figured if that section is going to suffer the cold the rest will (equal opportunity ya know?)
  3. I was born in Pueblo, Colorado but I’ve lived in small town Iowa most of my life.
  4. In my early forties I still have the sense of humor of an eight year old at times.
  5. Bacon, Tacos and our version of Chili is the way to my food heart.
  6. Without saying my wife and four daughters are, ok and three fur children (dog and two cats) are my life and world.
  7. I’ve always been obsessed with the in’s and outs of web/computer and app programming but my “smarts” and attention span kill those dreams of learning beyond beginner basics. (Yes, I did build a few websites… basic)
  8. I am Epileptic. Had my first known seizure in 2006.
  9. My Offline hobbies are: Fishing: Catfishing especially. Hunting if I ever get to go (nobody to go with anymore, see #6). Poetry, reading/writing. Movies and music. And my love of Paracord Art, SO much fun!
  10. And finally… I love BUFFY!! If you are a Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan you are my friend instantly!!! lol

There you have it. Mystic in a nutshell. I guess there could be more but I don’t like writing about myself that much. Please do enjoy your stay here!

Be well and safe my friends!

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